Halfway into January of 2019 & I still haven’t broken any New Year’s resolutions, cause I haven’t made any. For me, I think why not do that “resolution thing” random times throughout the year? Some folks make a New Year resolution to give them the motivation to make a change. That fresh feeling of starting over. That’s what New Year’s are especially good for. Possibly last year was crap & hopefully this year will be better. I sure hope so. Whatever helps you get & stay motivated is cool.

I think realistically of the odds of me keeping a resolution just because I made it at the end of December. I know those odds are bleak. I have a much better chance of making changes in my life if I make them at random times. Saying I’m going to change something just because it’s the end of the year sounds false to me. I can’t get my brain to buy into that. I have to decide to start a new behavior because that change of behavior is needed. I’ll take it one step at a time. If I backslide, I’ll shake myself off & move forward again & won’t beat myself up for backsliding. Well, sometimes its kind of hard not to beat one’s self up for backsliding. Anyway, moving forward let’s just say we’re not doing any backsliding beating up here in this blog. Instead let’s watch me hula hoop. Even though I invite you to join me in doing this at my gym, know that I don’t really expect you to.

Getting back to not doing the New Year resolution thing, years ago I decided to join a local gym that stays open 24 hours. I’ve regularly worked out over the years, since it’s a vital part of my physical & mental health. I’d always feel unhealthy for the period I wasn’t working out regularly. Once I started working out again, I felt renewed energy & strength. As a professional organizer, my work is physical so I need to stay in shape. Whenever I do a bicep exercise, I think about the boxes or whatever it is I have to carry for a client & think “this old bicep can always use a few more reps.”

I joined this gym at one of those random times & that was a long time ago. Deciding this morning to randomly pick up that hula hoop & start workin’ it was so much fun. I can’t tell you the last time I’d done that. My point is to stretch yourself. DO something different. Maybe something physical you haven’t done in forever.

As I walk out the door of the gym each time, I look up and read the sign above the door that says, “Wasn’t that worth the trip?” I have to say “yes it was.”