A mix of natural abilities and ongoing specialized training elevate Randi Lyman to the top of professionals who can help those challenged by disorganization.

Working with clients who struggle with mild, moderate or severe organizing issues, Randi has helped her clients permanently transform their environments and attain goals that were once only distant dreams.

With kindness and compassion, respect and integrity, she takes the overwhelming feelings of frustration and anxiety out of the organizing process and helps replace those feelings with personal empowerment. Randi is comfortable and effective working with clients either in person or virtually, through the use of electronic communication.

A Helping Hand is committed to serving our clients in a confidential, non-judgmental way, with kindness, compassion and respect for them and their belongings. Randi and her associates offer the highest caliber of service and are committed to their client’s well-being and satisfaction.

Randi is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and is a NAPO Golden Circle member.

She’s also an active member of NAPO-Austin (National Association of Professional Organizers, Austin, TX). She served as Membership Director for two terms (2006-2008), which included a term on NAPO-Austin’s inaugural Board of Directors and past Vice President.

In addition, Randi is a proud member of ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) and served on the Board of Directors as Publications Director for two terms (2006 to 2010).

Randi is a CPO-CD® (Certified Professional Organizer Specializing in Chronic Disorganization).

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