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  1. How can a professional organizer improve my life?

    We offer information, structure, creative ideas and systems that will increase your productivity, reduce your stress and help to lead you to greater control over your time, space and money.

    Organizing is the art and science of knowing what is important in your life and how to arrange the resources to get it.

  2. How do I know if an organizer is qualified?

    The best organizers will be active members in and certified by either ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) or NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) or both.

    Through ICD, Randi Lyman is the first CPO-CD® (Certified Professional Organizer, Specializing in Chronic Disorganization) in Texas. Randi is also a Level V Master Trainer in Chronic Disorganization, which is the highest certification level of ICD’s extensive educational program.

    Advanced training and hands-on experience guarantee that your organizer uses systems and strategies with proven success rates.

  3. Is there a difference among certified organizers?

    In general, most professional organizers can manage different types of projects, but just as in other careers, everyone has particular strengths, preferences and personality traits. A Helping Hand tends to work most effectively with residential clients, providing additional expertise in working with people who have special needs and challenges. Our style is to teach and coach alongside our clients, allowing them to make small changes in habits and environment over time, leading to long-term success.

  4. What is the pricing structure for professional organizing services?

    A Helping Hand charges either by the hour or on the size and scope of a project. We are affiliated with PayPal® and Square® and accept credit cards. It’s easy to prepay through our web site if you don’t have a PayPal® account.

  5. What is Virtual Organizing?

    Instead of hands-on, in-person sessions, Virtual Organizing sessions are conducted via computer, phone, smart phone or tablet computer, such as an iPad. We employ various services to communicate, including Skype, FaceTime and Gmail Chat. Your initial consultation is FREE! From there, together, we will outline goals, review images of challenged spaces and create a process to meet your needs. Together, we will improve your life!

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  6. How long does an organizing session last?

    In person, a session is scheduled for three hours unless other arrangements have been made. Virtual organizing sessions are typically shorter, offering more flexibility. For both, we determine when your high-energy time is, and schedule our sessions when you are at your best. We offer a free phone consultation to determine your specific needs.

  7. What do we do at our first appointment?

    Depending on your needs, we usually start the first appointment with an initial assessment of your current situation, discuss your goals for your organizing project and then start working in the area of need.

  8. Isn’t clutter just part of life?

    It’s true that many of us are disorganized at times and fall behind in our work, due to illness or other events. Circumstantial disorganization is one thing, but when the quality of your life suffers on a daily basis and you feel completely overwhelmed or feel like you are sinking deep, you might be more than simply disorganized; you might be chronically disorganized.

  9. What is chronic disorganization?

    The ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) defines chronic disorganization using these criteria:

    • A past history of disorganization in which self-help efforts to change have failed
    • An undermining of your current quality of life due to disorganization
    • An expectation of future disorganization

    Click here to learn about the clues to and the causes of chronic disorganization.

  10. What other services do you provide?

    In addition to hands-on organizing services, we also offer virtual organizing in the event that hands-on assistance is not an option.

    We offer organizing services in classrooms from Kindergarten through 12th grade, including school administrative offices too.

    We offer Virtual Organizing  Click here.

  11. Is my privacy protected when I send information to A Helping Hand via email?

    We honor your privacy and we will not rent, give away or sell your name or email. We give you our word!

  12. If onsite organizational work results in an injury, will I or my business be liable?

    No. We are fully insured to avoid putting our clients at risk.