Can’t contain my love for containers!

As a professional organizer, I love containers that work for our individual needs. Not just to buy them to hide stuff in. Or buy containers to store the things you can’t make a decision about. Should I keep, sell or donate? Then you have to decide what kind of container to buy. Isn’t that a decision? Oh well, let’s check out these fabulous  containers! This pantry is container heaven. A majority of the containers on the upper shelves are OXO Good Grips. Durable, clear & stackable. They can be purchased on Amazon. The Container Store site is always a fabulous spot to stop & shop for all things container!

How do we make a decision in the first place of what to buy? First things first, declutter! How much is left? Put like items together in broad categories at first, then specific if needed. Put items together to get a rough measurement of what size container you’ll need. Also measure the  space size of where the container/s will be stored. Will they be lidded & stackable? Will you need the products to stand up tall? Do you need to see through the container to identify what’s inside or is this container all about esthetics? Will it be labeled? Lots of questions. But it’s good to have questions, so you know what to think of before you buy something only to return it.

Talk about esthetics, check out the Yamazaki website to see beautiful organizing products.

The Container Store lidded shoe box is great for storing anything your heart desires. I use these for so many different items at my clients homes. They aren’t expense & are durable. Also helpful for folks that are challenged with out-of-sight, out-of-mind thinking. You can see through, stack & label them.

These InterDesign stackable containers with handles are great for the refrigerator, pantry, anywhere you want to take advantage of the depth of a space. They can be purchased at The Container Store.

Well there you go. It would seem that I couldn’t contain myself after all!