Intention – Let’s Start

I was thinking about intentions this evening and I thought first I’d look up the definition, hadn’t in a while. Deliberate, conscious, intended, planned & so on. How do I want to live more out of intent & less out of habit?

One of the ways I’ve been practicing this in one small aspect is to  protect my whirling brain by slowing down the noise and speed outside. How the heck do I do that?

I remind myself that the here and now is all we have. This sounds cliche, but a necessary reminder. I shut off the TV, step away from social media & intentionally calm the negative voices in my head. If I can I go out to my back porch with my sweet dog Louie & breathe. I appreciate the fact that I can stop & breathe.

If it’s daytime, I enjoy gazing at the gardens my husband & I created. This is so soothing for my brain & protecting that which I need to protect for self preservation. This eco break is something I suggest to my clients when they are stressing in a moment of time. Walk outside, breathe in the air & let your mind go blank if even for a few minutes. This can change the focus of the brain & gives your mind a chance to regroup.

Oh beautiful intention. How I will use you in so many ways.