My last day of work was March 16th. My clients wanted me to continue working, but I thought best not to. The media was learning minute by minute about the virus. Information was changing as the days moved on. It’s still that way today. We’ve never experienced a virus that could be transferred from person to person so rapidly. There was no way I was going to visit any of my clients. I was staying home & staying as safe as possible, with limited grocery/drugstore runs. You might be thinking “there’s Amazon & delivery services,” but I never thought there would come a day when running errands was a fun social event. Just to see faces (partial faces covered by masks), but faces none the less has been enjoyable.

Here are some favorite things that have helped keep me calm during these uncertain times. Walking my dog Louie through our small neighborhood. I’ve see neighbors I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve also met some new ones. It’s been really nice. Gardening. My gardens love me & visa versa. I love everything about them with the exception of these snails that we have. But, I keep them at bay with a natural snail killer. I love sitting in my rocking chair on my covered back porch & looking out over my backyard gardens & side garden with some of my flowering hanging baskets. This peaceful environment soothes my soul. 

Here’s Louie hanging out on the porch with me as we both relax.

With all of this time off, I’ve given myself a mental break & not beaten myself up by thinking I need to get a lot of different things accomplished each day. For the most part, I get certain things done as always, but I’ve also given myself this big fat permission slip that says “CHILL OUT & ENJOY AS BEST YOU CAN THIS WEIRD TIME OFF!”

At the drop of a hat I can do so many different fun things. There are a million resources that I can tap into to learn something new if desired. I can listen to an audiobook (addicted), podcasts, television, radio, YouTube, social media & so forth. I can never get bored & don’t. I also like getting together with our family, friends & professional organizations on Zoom. That’s been fun. I also like visiting with my best friend from the Neitherlands on Messenger Video. Then there is the old fashion way of enjoying time with friends & family without seeing each other, you guessed it, the phone!

I make sure to exercise, eat healthy & try to get proper sleep. That has fallen off the rails a bit, staying up too late, but with this weird way of life right now, I’m going with the flow.

Also, cooking is like a meditation for me. I love to cook. I cook really healthy & really delicious food. There’s nothing better that chopping ingredients while I listen to an audiobook. It’s heaven! Weirdo, right?

Well, as you can see, I’m just living this simple life right now, working on keeping any fears I might have about this unsettling time as at bay as I can in these simple ways. My best advice to anyone is to find those things that bring you joy in this time & do them. Even if you’ve got your family surrounding you most of the time, find time & space for yourself, if you can, otherwise, you will go nuts! Stay safe & healthy. 😊