Randi has a deep commitment to people who are chronically disorganized, as evidenced by her long hours of study, investment in continuing education and willingness to learn anything new that will help her clients. If I were chronically disorganized, she’d be my pick!

Judith Kolberg - Founder, ICD (Formerly NSGCD), Atlanta, GA


Randi is perhaps the finest person I know. She is inexhaustibly dedicated to her clientele and chooses to work with a very difficult group of people – those with whom many others will not work. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which will keep even the most downhearted person buoyant. She is sharp, empathetic, and tireless with regard to her passion – organizing the chronically disorganized. She constantly amazes me.

W. Young - Austin, TX


For decades I had been sinking deeper and deeper into my disorganization, despairing of ever getting a handle on the situation and becoming physically, psychologically and spiritually free to live in the present moment and look forward to the future. Randi came into my life and into my home, setting me on a new path (in fact, before Randi, I couldn’t find ANY path). She got me through the first physical changes – and she showed me how to de-clutter my home and my MIND, so that all the psychological and spiritual freedom could follow.

S. Brandler - Austin, TX


You were truly “a helping hand” in my new house. Thanks for wading through all my memorabilia! I could not have done all this unpacking and organizing without your help! I have already given your name out to all my neighbors. I also appreciate all of your help in my new design studio. The systems you set-up for me are easy to work with, and now I can easily find what I am looking for, and am less stressed out.

J. Moran - Lakeway, TX


Randi Lyman is a well-known chronic disorganization specialist who works with special needs clients in the central Texas area. Randi is an industry pioneer working with clients, clinicians, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, as well as state and local agencies using the collaborative therapy model with much success.

Barry Izsak - Past President, NAPO Austin, TX


I was impressed with your credentials and training in the special needs of ADD adults. You quickly assessed the situation and were immediately able to suggest new organizational ideas and tricks that would help my son. We really liked the idea of the stubby notes and my son is trying to use them. The new filing system you set-up is working much better than the older one. We appreciate all you’ve done in such a quick amount of time.

P. Schulte - D2D Auctions Austin, TX


I first became aware that I had organizational problems after my mother passed away in 2004, so I started searching the Internet for help in February 2009. There were many sites to choose from but I was skeptical of their guaranteed ‘happy/feely’ appearances. What really caught my attention about Randi Lyman’s “A Helping Hand” website were the assurances that they are non-judgmental and completely confidential. Opening up my life to an outsider was a difficult step for me but Randi’s website belayed my fears.

Due to my non-schedule of working overseas as an international consultant in the oil and gas industry I had difficulty scheduling an appointment with Randi. She was interminably patient and understanding. She never pushed or prodded me to schedule an appointment…she left it up to me to contact her when I knew I would have time.

Randi was very understanding during our initial conversation over the telephone. She asked specific questions so she could determine what type of help I needed. That conversation alone settled my nerves of having an ‘outsider’ come into my home to help me organize it.

During her first consultation visit I was amazed that she could recall from memory every aspect of what I wanted to accomplish. Her follow-up notes were precisely descriptive and her advice on what to do/what not to do prior to our next scheduled appointment was a valuable tool to help me prepare myself.

I had my own perception of what my priorities would be when Randi arrived. I deeply appreciated that she gently re-focused my attention on the most important first step…my 12-year old son’s room. I hadn’t realized that I was treating my own son as a ‘visitor’ because he was living out of a suitcase when he stayed with me.

Randi’s energy, positive attitude, sense of humor, and compassion were contagious. I found myself fully charged with an empowerment I’ve never felt before. Each time I labeled myself as a procrastinator, lazy, dysfunctional, or impaired Randi would teach me to rid myself of negative thoughts, so I could open the doors to a new world within me that I wasn’t aware of.

I cannot possibly express my gratitude for Randi’s influence in my life. She has had a ‘ripple effect’ in the lives of my family, too. I am now able to help my father, my brother, and my son by being a living example that ‘anything is possible’ if we just look through the forest to see the trees.

Thank you, Randi and A Helping Hand, for being a bright beacon of light in a world that was once dark.

Gene L. - Pflugerville, TX