This is a difficult time in our history. With the advent of the Covid virus, nothing is the same. Our lives have been turned upside down. We walk around in masks, not looking at each other. Living in fear of a virus that’s not 100% understood. We do know this virus is airborne, and we have to stay 6 feet apart. Wash our hands & use hand sanitizer. Best to stay in our family group. If venturing out, don’t forget that mask! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked out of my car heading into a shop or wherever without my mask, only to have to turn around & swipe it out of the console & head back towards the shops. Well my point here isn’t to complain about Covid, but instead to talk about the fact that we had to have a Thanksgiving with just us; George, our dog Louie and myself. This is the way our holiday has been spent for the last couple of years, but I would have liked to have had the option of visiting our family in New Jersey. Texas is a hot spot & so is New Jersey. So, that’s a big Covid NO!

All over the country, people were being advised to not travel. Stay put. But that’s not the American way. We want to travel, be with family & friends during the holidays. Make merriment! Get ready for the rest of the holidays. Buy stuff during Black Friday. Guess there won’t be Black Friday crowds? Who knows? Amazon is a big way to Covid shop. Anyway, yesterday was my birthday & today is my dog Louie’s birthday & Thanksgiving, so I’d like to give thanks & be grateful for all we have. That’s the love of my family, friends, colleagues, clients & community.

We’ll see tomorrow if Covid cases spike due to more people traveling & spreading this dreadful virus. Can’t wait till the spring, when hopefully the vaccination will be readily available to us. Then we can start living our lives again Covid free! Yahoo that will be the best news ever!