Have you ever had an epiphany where you almost hit yourself in the head cause you can’t believe something has been around so long, but you failed to notice it? Well that’s what recently happened to me. Okay, I’ve been keeping the blinds closed on these two windows that looked onto a piece of my neighbors fence. It was ugly & I didn’t want to see it or part of his front porch (which he never hangs out on). We live at the bottom of a hill & my neighbor’s property overlooks ours. When we first bought our new house 16 years ago, I purchased 21 Bambusa Multiplex plants. They are non-clumping bamboo that are non-invasive & grow to be 25 ft tall & quite wide. Anyway, planted 11 along this neighbors property for a living privacy fence, which has worked out beautifully & 11 plants along the back of our property, which has also worked out beautifully.

Back to the sun & my epiphany. So I’m looking at the closed blinds, open them up to let light in & think, what does that space need? It needs something that will make me smile when I open those blinds. I check to see if this lovely garden center is open, due to Covid-19 closings & sure enough it is! I go on the hunt & find the sun. When my sun catches the sun, it glows. The ground below the fence only had dead bamboo leaves on it. Not a pretty sight. So, I decided to pull some Ruellia from my other garden. They are a great ground cover & flower these beautiful purple flowers from mid-spring to fall. This new little garden takes some imagination. Imagine that all those green little droopy leaf things in the ground will someday, not too far in the future will be lovely Ruellia plants. I also bought that blue dragonfly, cause every garden needs a dragonfly. As I look out my windows now, I imagine what my little garden with the sun looking over it will look like. It will be a sweet little spot where I’ll come & sit on the rock ledge, in this quiet section of my lovely back yard. Maybe there’s an epiphany awaiting you in your home or backyard. It’s waiting for you to discover it. 💐