FAQ About Organizing

Choosing A Professional Organizer

Organizing is the art and science of knowing what is important in your life and how to arrange the resources to get it. At A Helping Hand, we provide information, structure, creative ideas, and systems that will increase your productivity, reduce your stress and help lead you to greater control over your time, space and money.

Longevity, Training & Involvement

It is a combination of advanced training and hands-on experience that guarantee’s your organizer uses systems and strategies with proven success rates. Other clear indicators are high standards over an extended period of time. Keep in mind, it is one thing to be trained and certified, but it is another to be successful in this profession.

We check all of those boxes


Over 20 years of organizing experience
with a successful track record in home organizing and specialized services including chronic disorganization and hoarding disorder.


Randi Lyman is the first CPO-CD®
(Certified Professional Organizer, Specializing in Chronic Disorganization) in Texas and holds a Level V Master Trainer Certificate in Chronic Disorganization, along with multiple specialization certificates. Our full credential list can be found on our About Us page.


We are actively involved in associations that strive to help others who struggle with organizing challenges through NAPO National  National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals and ICD ® Institute of Chronic Disorganization.

In general, most professional organizers can manage different types of projects, but just as in other careers, everyone has particular strengths, preferences, training, and personality traits.

A Helping Hand can work effectively will all types of clients from residential to providing additional expertise in working with people who have special needs and challenges.

Our distinctive style provides valuable lessons in organizing and coaching alongside our clients. We break things down allowing our clients to adapt, learn and make future improvements independently. This leads to long-term results and a healthier way of life.

Working with a Professional Organizer

We will provide you with the most effective pricing strategy. During our initial phone consultation, we’ll discuss what works best for your needs.

We accept direct payments or credit cards using PayPal® and Square® payment systems. It’s easy to prepay through our website if you don’t have a PayPal® account.

In person, a session is scheduled for three-hours unless other arrangements have been made. We determine when your high-energy time is, and schedule our sessions when you are at your best. We offer a complimentary phone consultation to determine your specific needs.

Depending on your needs, we usually start the first appointment with an initial assessment of your current situation, discuss your goals for your organizing project and then start working in the area of need.

Questions About Organizing

It’s true that many of us are disorganized at times and fall behind in our work, due to illness or other events. Circumstantial disorganization is one thing, but when the quality of your life suffers on a daily basis and you feel completely overwhelmed or feel like you are sinking deep, you might be more than simply disorganized; you might be chronically disorganized.

The ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) defines chronic disorganization using these criteria:

  • A past history of disorganization in which self-help efforts to change have failed
  • An undermining of your current quality of life due to disorganization
  • An expectation of future disorganization
  • Do you have a hard time letting go of items?
  • Are you surrounded by excessive clutter?
  • Have friends and loved ones expressed that they’re worried about your health?
  • Are your personal relationships suffering?
  • Do you feel isolated and alone because you can’t have guests over?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you may want to consider consulting with a professional. You can start with us to get that process started.

At A Helping Hand, we strive to remove the stigma that is associated with a hoarding disorder. We understand through our experience and specialized training that this is a complex mental health issue. We partner with our clients to create clutter management solutions that will achieve the kind of lifestyle changes our clients envision for themselves.

If you need additional support, we can refer you to a trusted group of mental health professionals that can work with you to achieve your goals. Or we can work collaboratively with you & mental health professionals, family or anyone else you want us to work with to help you.

Privacy & Respect

We are professionals and respect our clients and colleagues. You can expect 100% privacy across the board. We do not discuss your case with anyone without prior written consent from you. We do not rent, sell or give away your name, personal information, address, or email. We give you our word!

We are fully insured to avoid putting our clients at risk.