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We help our clients learn clutter management strategies using a comforting approach without judgment or unrealistic expectations. Our proven track record has helped hundreds of clients to improve their way of life.

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A Hoarding Disorder (HD) is a mental health disorder where people have difficulty getting rid of possessions that are no longer useful. While most people go through periods when they have trouble getting rid of things, HD sufferers have difficulty parting with items all the time. Attempting to get rid of items causes significant distress to HD sufferers. Including when their concerned loved ones try to get rid of possessions on their behalf.

For individuals with HD, the difficulty with getting rid of things causes their living spaces to become so cluttered that they are nearly unusable. Without help, HD can interfere with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and/or sleeping. Extreme clutter can lead to eviction, increased risk for fire, and impaired access to emergency services. In addition, HD can lead to poor sanitation and cause serious conflict with families and communities.

A professional diagnosis requires three main criteria from a licensed health care professional:

  1. Collecting and keeping lots of items, even if they appear useless or of little value to most people.
  2. These items clutter living spaces and prevent rooms from being used as they were intended.
  3. These items cause distress or problems in day-to-day activities.


Only a licensed professional can perform an actual diagnosis of A Hoarding Disorder. While everyone's lives are affected differently, there are common symptoms that can help you determine if you may have a problem.

Here are the common questions asked during a hoarding assessment:

  • To what extent do you buy items or acquire free things that you may not need or have enough space for?
  • Does the clutter in your home or number of possessions make it difficult to use rooms and surfaces in your home?
  • Do you have trouble discarding (including recycling, selling, giving away) things that most other people would get rid of?
  • How does your acquiring and saving of items affect your daily functioning?
  • How much do these symptoms interfere with work, school, social and family life?
  • How much distress do these symptoms cause you?
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  • We'll listen to you and address your individual needs.
  • We'll develop a plan to create the lifestyle you envision for yourself.
  • We'll provide the support and guidance to help you get there.

Proven Results & Experience

  • We provide decades of certified training and verifiable experience.
  • We've dedicated ourselves to specialized training to help those suffering with severe organizing challenges.
  • We have successfully helped people lead a healthier lifestyle.

We'll Teach You How

  • We'll create personalized clutter management strategies without judgment or unrealistic expectations.
  • We use a comforting approach with your needs in mind.
  • We'll mentor you and provide gentle guidance along the way.

Success Stories

We've had the honor to help many people over twenty years overcome all types of organizing challenges.

We hope hearing their stories will inspire you to take that first step and get started on your own journey of success!

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 Before Randi showed up, I had to wade through jumbles of trash, newspapers, magazines, and assorted "stuff." Not only did she quickly & efficiently do the straightening up needed to give me more living space, she organized my belongings. She also taught me ways to save space & use time more efficiently. Highly recommended.


Randi is one of the best in the business. She uses an approach that focuses on educating and empower her clients, creating longterm transformation. Most importantly, she is an amazing person who deeply cares about the success of her clients. You won't regret it.


I am a repeat client who appreciates Randi's attitude and approach to tackling organizational projects large and small. She has helped me wade through boxes of papers and family belongings, and she’s given new life to my once-cluttered closets. I could not recommend her more.


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