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  • Austin's Leading Home Organizing Service with 20+ years of experience.
  • Personalized plans created by a certified organizing professional with specialized training.
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Home Organizing


  • Home organizing plans that are personalized and bring order to your living spaces.
  • Kitchen and pantry methods that maximize functional space.
  • Bedrooms, kid's rooms and bath systems that deliver ease and comfort to your daily routine.
  • Laundry, craft,  playroom and art studio organizing solutions. 
Organizing Systems


  • Decluttering methods that will streamline your home and productivity.
  • Downsizing and sorting systems based on proven methods that relieve overcrowding.
  • Decluttering hacks that will help you maintain order and stay on track long-term.
Closet Organizing


  • Closet organizing systems for utility, bedroom, linen, and storage.
  • Functional storage systems for shelves, drawers, and bookcases.
  • Garage, basements, attics and workshops that will maximize your home's space.


  • Functional home and business office organizing that save time and increase productivity.
  • Desk and office storage configurations that will expand your working space.
  • Filing systems so you can retrieve important information when you need it.
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The Benefits of Working With Us

Expert Guidance

  • 20 Years of home experience producing results that solve organizing challenges.
  • Highly credentialed service with a certified professional organizer with a proven track record of excellence.
  • Austin's leading organizing and decluttering service.

Professional Service

  • Personalized plans centered around your needs and lifestyle.
  • Orderly systems designed around the layout of your home.
  • Learn proven organizing methods you'll use for years to come.
Randi Lyman, Founder of A Helping Hand
Founder, Randi Lyman
Certified Professional Organizer

Reduced Stress

  • Increased peace of mind with a newfound sense of order.
  • Enjoy home gatherings without the mad-dash to stash before guests arrive.
  • Improved self-confidence by setting a positive example for others.

Save Time & Money 

  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks and chores by having a personalized system in place.
  • Save money by not having to buy things you already have but can't find.
  • Enjoy more time and leisure activities with family and friends.

Success Stories

We've had the honor to help many people over twenty years overcome all types of organizing challenges.

We hope hearing their stories will inspire you to take that first step and get started on your own journey of success!

What are you waiting for?

Susan M.

Randi is amazing! She worked with me to create systems based on me and my needs.  She gave me the tools to manage on my own going forward. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, Randi will guide you through the process that will help you stay organized.  Thanks to Randi and A Helping Hand, my craft room project is finished and bringing me daily joy.

Christine M.

Randi is awesome. She's efficient, smart, respectful, and kept the mood light while we worked. It is so nice to walk into my closet now! It ls airy, tidy, and organized; everything I need is within reach. I was impressed at how Randi kept the big picture of my home in mind while we worked on smaller sections. You have found the best. Stop searching and give her a call right now!

Tom W.

 Organizing requires decisions to be made at a rapid pace and it seems Randi makes the right call every single time. Not only is she the consummate professional, but she's a very fun person to be around! If you're looking for an organizer, look no further. This is a professional operation with unmatched credentials and experience. Do yourself a favor and give A Helping Hand a call!


» Over 20 years of experience
» Hundreds of success stories
» Time-tested methods
» Transformational Results

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