Virtual Organizing

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Overcoming the barriers of
distance and limited time

A Convenient and Effective Option

Whether you’re near or far, have an open schedule or strapped for time, virtual organizing may be the solution for you.

As your professional organizer, I’m ready to help you overcome the barriers of distance and limited time, to partner with you. Let’s create an environment that works for you, not against you. Let’s create a home with systems that you can easily manage. Ready to fill your living environment with serenity, rather than chaos or clutter?

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  1. How does Virtual Organizing work?

    Virtual Organizing sessions are conducted via computer, phone, smart phone or tablet computer, such as an iPad. We employ various services to communicate, including Skype, FaceTime and Gmail Chat. Your initial phone consultation is FREE! From there, together, we will discuss your goals, review images of challenged spaces and create a process to meet your needs. Together, we will improve your life!

  2. Who can benefit from Virtual Organizing?

    Anyone outside of A Helping Hand’s service area in Austin, Texas.

    People with family and/or work demands that crowd out the ability to host in-person sessions.

    Clients who need and appreciate the flexibility offered by scheduling shorter organizing sessions.

    Anyone who recognizes their need for accountability and reliance on a professional to attain organizing goals.

    Self-motivated individuals who are ready to make changes in lifestyle and need the help and guidance of a professional organizer.

    Creative people who need help with focus, direction and custom-tailored systems to help manage a busy life.

    Value-conscious clients who want to invest time and money on the life-changing services of professional organizing within the framework of their budget.

  3. What’s the process?

    Once we establish your general needs during the free initial phone consultation, you’ll fill out a pre-visit questionnaire to assess your specific needs, which you’ll return along with photos of the areas we’ll be working in.

    Together, we will create a realistic action plan based on your individual needs, your timeframe and your budget.

    We provide our clients with:

      • A customized action plan
      • Follow-up e-mails
      • Feedback on updated photos between sessions
      • Product and service recommendations, as needed
      • An accountability partner
      • The life and environment you’ve always wanted

    We offer a number of different virtual organizing packages to fit your needs. Contact us today for your free consultation.

  4. Your Virtual Organizer

    Randi Lyman, owner of A Helping Hand, uses the same proven techniques for both in-person and virtual organizing services. As a professional organizer since 2001, Randi has earned advanced credentials in professional organizing. She also has ADHD coach training. She is qualified to work with clients who struggle with mild, moderate and severe organizing challenges.

    By expanding services beyond her physical location, Randi helps people live a life of balance and organization. She does so with kindness and compassion, respect and integrity. Through her professional guidance, Randi helps erase the overwhelming feelings of chaos, stress and anxiety of disorganization. She commits herself, as your partner to create the life you want and deserve.
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