Help I’m Addicted To Audiobooks!

I’m addicted to audiobooks! You might not see this as a problem. But oh it is. It keeps me staying up way too late. Wait, it keeps me or I keep me up? Don’t blame the book. But what happens, like any good addiction, is that I’ll get into bed early enough (good sleep hygiene 101, don’t watch T.V. before bed or in bed, don’t stay up listening to audio books either). It’s my falling down the rabbit hole. As I was saying, I’ll get into bed & then I’m listening to my book & it’s getting better & better. I say to myself, just this one chapter & then I’ll turn it off & go to bed. Then another good chapter & so forth. Eventually I’ll turn off my phone & shut off my headphones & go to sleep, but it would have been a lot better if it were an hour earlier! I also listen when I’m cooking or doing something in the backyard. It’s so meditative, unless it’s a thriller or a ghost story of some sort. I like ghost stories a lot. I also like romantic stories, but not cheesy ones, ones well written by Jane Austen & the like.

I started my habit when I realized I liked listening to books over reading them. I retain more by listening. Plus my reading has gotten slower over the years & there are many books I want to read. So I joined my library, then found that Austin Public Library has a more extensive audiobook selection. I use the apps Libby (by OverDrive) & OverDrive.

You might think this isn’t earth-shattering, but it’s changed my life to have such a vast collection of books to hear. I love listening to ghost stories, great mysteries, romance stories, but not cheesy romance stories. Romance stories like the ones written by Jane Austin. I love listening to the classics, especially books written in the 19th & 20th century. Anyway, now you know a secret about me that few knew before, except for my husband George.

One more thing, just when I think I’m getting away with listening to my books way longer than I know I need to at night, George sees the blue light flashing on my headphones at times & will say, “Isn’t it time to get some sleep?” He’s sweet when he looks out for my best interests.

Maybe I’ve inspired you to check out what your library offers in the way of audiobooks. Happy listening!