Audio Book Lover Falls For Romance…

I’ve written about my love of audio books. So far, I’m a member of two local libraries (soon to join more). What I hadn’t thought about in advance was the kind of books I’d listen to. I’ve spent many years as a business owner/professional organizer, reading many, many books about my profession, my field of specialty (working with people with many diverse challenges), and lots of business books.

I’ve truly missed reading (or listening) for shear pleasure. Now that I’ve become a digital library card carrying, Overdrive app using, audio book lover, I’ve recently had a chance to listen to a different genre, the romance novel.

My local libraries offer a number of categories, with limited numbers of audio books. So, I’ve opened my mind to reading what each offers and I’ve just listened to a fun loving, smile generating and heart warming romance novel called “The Mistletoe Secret” by Richard Paul Evans ( He read the audio book and it was lovely. I look forward to hearing the other two books in “The Mistletoe Collection.” If you’re a romantic like I am, you’ll enjoy this sweet, well written book.