Let’s Set Some Boundaries

Setting boundaries with each other is important for healthy relationships. In all relationships, setting boundaries, healthy limits is very important. My family as many others have had boundary challenges for as long as they’ve been my family. Once I started reading about the many challenges and solutions to boundary issues, it was relationship changing.

An author that’s been helpful is Anne Katherine. The first  I read was “Where To Draw The Line.”  Whenever I read in bed, I’d read something that would make me stop & say to George “listen to this, doesn’t this sound like something I’ve been dealing with?” He’d look at me with knowing eyes.

So, what are boundaries? A boundary is a limit that promotes integrity. By the limits you set, you protect the integrity of your day, your energy & spirit, the health of your relationships, the pursuits of your heart. Each day is shaped by your choices.

A boundary is like a membrane that keeps an organism intact. It lets positive things through. It keeps harmful things out. Look at the parts of your life that work, that have integrity. This wholeness comes from the limits you have set to protect them. (This excerpt is from the introduction of Anne Katherine’s book “Where To Draw The Line.”)

The only way I can have a mentally healthy existence is to respect others boundaries and make sure others respect mine. If  this is not happening, I stand up for myself. Sometimes its easier to stand up for myself then other times. I imagine it might be difficult for many to keep healthy boundaries, especially if you didn’t grow up with or learn them later in life. The good news is that you can teach yourself healthy boundaries anytime & at any age.

Read about this topic or contact a mental health professional for help.