Comprehension #2 – Working Memory

I know I keep exclaiming how much I love listening to my audiobooks. OK, here I go again, but with a different twist. This one’s about the challenges of the working memory & why auditory listening can be helpful & enjoyable.

Here’s some basics of what our working memory is. Working memory is involved with storing & handling info. New info in our working memory is temporary. That info’s either encoded into our long-term memory, fades away with time or replaced. Unless the memory is actively used or rehearsed, that working memory’s info has a duration of 10-15 seconds. Ever walk into a room & forget why you’re there?

In studies with children, those who had a poor ability to store material over brief periods of time failed to advance normally in tasks related to literacy.

Depending on where the brain’s injured, and to what degree that areas damaged, determines how well your working memory works or doesn’t.

So, back to audio books. For those that have a challenge with that elusive thing called a working memory, reading a book can be frustrating. You might read a bit & then you’ve forgotten what you’ve read. But listening to an audiobook can be enjoyable rather than frustrating. If you’ve forgotten what you’ve heard, you can go back & listen to the parts you’ve forgotten as many times as you want.

Well, I’ve got to go now so I can listen to my newest book called Lilac Girls.

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