Love of Renoir

paintings_renoir_desktop_1074x797_hd-wallpaper-958660I have loved Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s paintings for as long as I can remember. This still life painting “Luncheon of the Boating Party”(1881) is one of my favorites.

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing this original oil painting when The Art Institute in Chicago had a Renoir exhibit. I was so excited by all the beauty around me, that I didn’t know what painting to look at first, but this one kept drawing me back. I can’t say why this particular painting is my favorite, but it resonates with my soul.

At the museum store, I treated myself to a coffee mug with this image on it. It’s one of my favorite mugs.

I found this painting on Wikipedia that gave me the ability to go onto the image & find out who the people were. You might think this is a little overboard of me & you’d be right.