Make Comprehension Easier


Through a recent epiphany, I’ve found a practice that works for me. It’s called “taking audiobooks out from my local library.” I know this options been around for ages. Are you smirking?

At this time in my life, I read slower then before due to my neurology. I can easily read & retain short blocks of information like a blog post, popular magazines when at my salon or short & sweet writings. But at times it’s frustrating when I have to read something lengthy that’s not interesting to me. I might forget what I just read, especially when it’s technical writing. Also, when I’m tired, I definitely can’t retain info. If I try to read or write when I’m tired, you can bet it’s not getting into my brain or coming out of my brain. I say “know your limits.”

I’ve always enjoyed listening to talk radio in my car, as well as professional presentations, etc. It was a joyous day when I had my epiphany & listened to my first audiobook.

I downloaded the Overdrive app to my iPhone to be able to receive the library’s audio offerings. My library’s expiration period is 14 days, but I’ve enjoyed each book so much that I finish them quickly. One of the downsides to listening this way is that it relaxes me so much, I sometimes fall asleep. Where did I leave off?

Love this helpful tool that accommodates my neurological needs.